What is Sex Selling Today?

1 11 2009



Apparently Fast Food establishments have added a healthy portion of  sex to their menus as well as generous side dishes such as crispy golden sexism, hot off the grill sexual objectification, and good old fashion soft serve porn. These types of advertisements have recently been bombarding all facets of the media, be it Print Ads, TV Ads or in our more modern times Viral Video. The idea or marketing tactic that “sex sells” isn’t new or foreign to media consumers but what is new is the lack of tact, tastelessness and blatant pornography that has been injected like anabolic steroids into these advertisements for fast food. It’s so much sex being sold to the public that I wouldn’t be surprised if next to the ketchup and mustard would be a container filled with condoms. Just what does sex have to do with 800 cal burgers in the first place?

Example one being the Burger King Advertisement above, for their “Super Seven Incher” Sandwich, with the rather large text across the Ad stating “It’ll Blow your Mind Away” and the very suggestive picture of a blonde model with her mouth wide open and the phallic looking sandwich positioned in such a way that there is only one thing that comes to mind. After finding this Ad and reading several different articles about it, Burger King had put out a statement and informed the public that this Ad did not run in the US. However, the internet is universal and just one Google search for sexually suggestive Ads can turn this gem up, in that respect then, I do believe Burger King your Ad has reached the US.

The next two examples are for Carl Jr. and Hardees, which are two different Fast Food establishments but are owned by the same company. The Carl Jr.’s Advertisement features Audrina Patridge, chowing down seductively on a massive burger in a bikini on the beach. The Ad for Hardee’s features Padma Lakshmi eating another massive burger that’s dripping sauce on her as well as her pulling up her skirt and licking her lips suggestively. These Ads seem to be trying to target men, because it’s rather offensive to women with their blatant use of sexual objectification and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking  what do super thin super models and popular television hosts have to do with 800 cal burgers? The sentiments that come to mind are “Yeat right, there’s no way she eats THAT!” For women, these commercials are jokes in more then one way.

It’s a no brainer that men like to look at women in limited clothing but what is also offensive is that Hardees and Carl Jr’s Advertisers think nothing of  the intelligence of their consumers. It was as if their thought process was more or less “Hey let’s put hot chicks in our Ads eating burgers in a sexy way, all men will love this.” As if men are so simple that they will buy anything a scantily clad women is trying to sell. That isn’t clever, it takes no skill to come up with a concept like that and at the end of the day you are putting off half of your potential consumers: women. Plus their ending note, “More than just a piece of meat” just seals the deal in case there were any hesitations. Way to be contradictory, way to go.

If you thought the above Advertisements were offensive, or even if you didn’t, then there is undisputedly another fine example of sex being sold, almost literally. To the side is a picture taken from a Viral Video titled “Two Girls one Sub.” 2-girls-1-sub1In which Quizno’s Sub is featured. I think the picture speaks for itself. But in case you wanted to see the actual Viral Video, click here. Further background information and a male bloggers perspective on the video, click here. The commercial was apparently produced by Playboy and Quizno’s denied having anything to do with it. However, it seems impossible that Quizno’s didn’t at least have knowledge of the video since it definitely showcases their logo very clearly.

Below is a Pepsi commercial from the 1990s featuring Cindy Crawford. This is a good example in my opinion of using “sex appeal” to sell a product. There’s nothing wrong with a woman being portrayed as sexy, the problem comes along when women are portrayed in a way that makes it clear that they are just an object to be used for sex. It’s not such a fine line as Advertisers would like us to believe.




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1 11 2009

The amount of sex in advertising is getting out of hand, especially when it is for a product that carries zero sex appeal of its own… IE fast food!

I actually saw a commercial last week for the new Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell and was going to write my blog post on it, but was unable to find the commercial anywhere online. Like your examples, it was loaded with inappropriate and unrelated sex appeal.

I completely agree that not only are these women being used for the purpose of something “nice to look at” but they are completely unrealistic as well! I would even go as far as to put money on the fact that the women in the first two images would NEVER eat that.

Shame on these companies for insulting the intelligence of their female consumers.

2 11 2009

I haven’t see the Black Jack Taco commercial, but I hope you can find it because I’d like to see more examples of this type of over the top sex sells approach.

Your right sex is so completely unrelated to fast food! Not even in the same ballpark. Maybe some nice wine ad, or a fancy Italian or French Gourmet meal but BURGER KING, really? Isn’t it funny how these advertisers find the need to somehow relate sex to their fast food products. I often wonder what goes on in the heads of some of these people who give the OK for commercials like this.

I know if it were myself trying to advertise my product, I wouldn’t want to offend 50% of my potential customers! Maybe they know something I don’t, but something just doesn’t add up.

7 12 2009


I have not seen this ad yet – but then, I don’t eat at BK.
This is absolutely appalling and clearly suggesting exactly what everyone is thinking it is suggesting. I think it is horrible when companies come out with these types of ad campaigns and completely objectify women!
I am not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination – but come on!
What woman wouldn’t at the very least, roll her eyes after seeing and reading this ad…?

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